Pollutants of concern for the environment must be monitored to obtain reliable information on the quality of ambient air and media. Such information is a necessary part of any environmental management system, whether in the private or public sector. It provides a basis for informed decision making and the development of environmental management strategies. To ensure that decisions are made on a sound basis, it is essential to be confident that the measurements reflect the existing situation; in other words, the data must be of clearly defined and documented quality. Hence, quality assurance and quality control are important. The way in which samples are taken and analyzed is as important as the results of the measurement itself. A quality assurance system should include institutional as well as technical aspects.

Environmental releases from major industrial sources are monitored as part of the overall monitoring of sources of the pollutants of concern. The objectives of monitoring systems include process optimization, auditing, and compliance with regulatory requirements such as emissions standards.

Klimatech Environment Consultants has monitoring facilities for the following key Environmental Segments:

i) Stack Emissions and Air Quality Monitoring

the KEC experts have specialties and huge experience in the field of stack emissions as well as ambient air quality monitoring. All stack gaseous emissions parameters, as well as particulate matter along with smoke and noise levels as mentioned in the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS)-Pakistan, are monitored using EPA recommended instruments. Our facility also fulfills satisfactorily requirements of the World Bank, USEPA and other International standards. Ambient air quality analysis according to WHO and USEPA for CO, SO2, NO2, H2S, TSP, PM10, VOCs, HCs. etc. is also monitored using state of the art equipment. Internationally recommended methods like USEPA and ASTM are followed to obtain the most reliable and accurate results.

ii) Water Quality Monitoring

We have wealth of experience staff for sampling and analysis of all kinds of waters including groundwater, surface water and wastewater from numerous sources like sea, rivers, springs, tube wells, deep wells, canals, industrial effluents, mineral water, and sewerage systems. We have capabilities for onsite as well as laboratory testing for all parameters enlisted in NEQS-Pakistan. Analysis according to USEPA, Japanese Standards, Levie’s Standards (not limited to these) are often carried out. Reference methods like USEPA, APHA, AWWA, etc. are followed for testing and calculation purposes.