Mathematical modeling may be necessary to predict the changes in the quality of ambient environment both onsite and at a distance caused by a particular set of emissions or discharges. Modeling can be appropriate for new projects and for modifications to existing projects. Modeling for following parameters is done at KEC:

i) Air Dispersion Modeling

Projects that introduce new sources of emissions or are designed to reduce emissions require careful analysis to quantify the effects as far as possible. For many sources, this will typically require mathematical modeling of the changes in ambient concentrations that result from the new emissions. Actually, the dispersion and ground level concentration of pollutants are determined by a complex interaction of the physical characteristics of the plant stack or other emission points, the physical and chemical properties of the pollutants, the meteorological conditions at or near the site and the topographical conditions of the surrounding areas.
Dispersion modeling should be the part of initial environmental assessment for a power project. It is recommended that the dispersion modeling be carried out early in project preparation (e.g., as part of the feasibility study) before the plant location and detailed design has been finalized.

ii) Water Quality Modeling

Similarly, in order to assess the environmental impacts of liquid wastes generated by different sources due to various activities to be carried out are predicted by putting the data information into software and then running the model accordingly. Our expertise and modeling softwares deal in all types of discharges, in diverse type of atmosphere including Rivers, Streams, Lakes, Oceans and other aqueous environments especially waste water from Power Plants, Refineries, Fertilizers and Chemical industries. Prediction and assessment for all biological, thermodynamic, physical and chemical parameters is done using these techniques. In this regard, Worldwide Famous and most used water models including CORMIX, QUAL2K, VISUAL PLUMES, WASP6 and AQUATOX are in regular use of our experts.

iii) Noise Levels Modeling

Noise Level is yet another important environmental parameter which is assessed and predicted through the use of Softwares like Sound Plan, mathematical calculations, mapping, logical interpretations etc. we have wealth of experience team member for such modeling predictions especially for power sector projects at international level.